Bobby Singh

Dear music lovers,

I am very excited to invite you to the next installment of Soulfood on Sundays @ qirkz... an evening of music that is dedicated to nourishing the spirit and soothing the soul..

After a break of a few months as we were all busy with other musical projects and touring, I am really looking forward to getting together with my very dear friends, Adrian McNeil and Damian Wright for a night of RASA DUENDE....exploring the musical connection between India and Spain.

When: Sunday 15th November
doors open @ 5pm, concert is 6-8pm

There will be delicious woodfired pizza, coffee/ homemade chai available from 5pm onwards.
For directions and address please email - there is no need to book anymore. Admission by donation to the artists and venue is $25 or $20 concession. Children under 15 free.


Rasa and Duende is a collaboration between internationally acclaimed musicians Bobby Singh (Tabla) Adrian McNeil (Sarod) and Damian Wright (Flamenco Guitar). Flamenco music was created by what began as an extensive journey by the original Gypsies from northern India through the Middle East, North Africa and finally arriving to call Andalusia in the south of Spain as their home.

Rasa and Duende express a meeting of the two distant points of this journey through a deep understanding of Indian classical and the folk music of well as the songs, dances and rhythms of Flamenco. This particular collaboration succeeds in finding melodies and rhythms that are similar to both lands, and works to create a sound that is both fresh and unique but deeply rooted in the history of these two cultures.

A true musical journey...from the rich, vibrant tapestry of the rolling olive groves and old world taverns of southern Spain.

Below are a few descriptions other performers have given of Qirkz..

Cant wait to see you all there!

Bobby Singh

About the Venue: Qirkz

‘…a very exclusive performance at the most romantic, cosy, comfortable and fashionable venue in Australia; a warehouse space that looks like a cross between Wonderland and Austen Powers’ dream dwelling. Cosy couch corners with plush velvet upholstery, eccentric decorations from Monsieur Camembert’s collection of designer and retro bric a brac, and a surprisingly high tech edge. When I saw the place I was amazed and just had to perform there. It’s honestly not just a venue, it’s a fantasy. It will not disappoint. …The sound and atmosphere reminds me of all the things we love and miss about Europe. It’s got loads of atmosphere, warmth, eccentricity, with touches of bizarre and offbeat humour everywhere, (you'll see what I mean) And being there gives you the feeling of being part of something truly special and rare. So, I can’t wait for us to perform at the Warehouse and feel so lucky to be able to perform there, in a place that feels like romance itself...’

‘…a great new space - it’s called Qirkz and is the brainchild of Monsieur Camembert’s Yaron Hallis. It’s a great space – there are places to sit (for those who like to watch), a dance-floor, and ante-room where you can talk. It’s also full of the most amazing objets d’art, bizarre kitsch and all sorts of, well, quirky stuff. Its also BYOG (think of the savings!) and you can bring your own snacks or picnic…a civilised joint, in short.’

‘I don’t think there are enough superlatives to describe firstly the venue and then the night’s performance! The ambience is outstanding (not much point commenting on the understated décor!); we just loved the array of television sets with the inspired choice of harshly edited, eclectic video clips spanning decades of musical taste and experience. If we had just seen Harry Nilson in Monkeyman attire, followed by the Wombles we would have gone home happy....!’

‘...every word and note was delivered with incredible clarity via the space’s acoustics and with the added intimacy of being so “up close and personal”. It felt like being privy to a private performance in the musicians’ lounge room....’

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank You.

Bobby Singh.


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